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All the way in Dallas, TX using Kangen Beauty Water. It has been come a great part of my natural hair care. Thumbs up! Ladyp Fromkc

So about this hair journey I’m beyond grateful and thankful for Veronica. I have been using her Aloe Vera shampoo for years!! And a few weeks ago I sampled some of her thicken conditioner!! OMG!! Is what my hair is saying to this new addition!! I’ve used it along with the ph balanced Kangen water and my hair couldn’t be happier!!The conditioner had to stay refrigerated because it is literally hair food!! It is AMAZING!!! By bringing my products back to the basic, my hair is healthier, lighter, and getting longer!!! I will continue to update you beauties on my journey. I highly recommend you invest in a curl coaching session with Vee. She is the professor of natural hair care!! Kishia ChiIle Watson

I absolutely LOVE the Kangen Beauty Water.  I use it for literally everything.  I use the water to detangle my hair, refresh and tone my skin and even set my makeup. any skin issues you have I’m sure it’ll improve at least some. It’s crazy how multi-use it is and that people are still sleeping! I recommend it to everyone that I know honestly. And it’s even baby friendly.  Kangen Beauty Water is the bomb.com Jacoya Rivers