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Need to make dry, tangled, frizzy hair a thing of the past? Ready for a product free of chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Well look no further, you’re going to want to hear this!

Introducing the Kangen Beauty Water. This acidic water with a pH of 5.0 – 6.0 comes from a Japanese water izoner known as the Kangen water machine. It has so many uses. It detangles and moisturizes curls.  Provides instant moisture for your skin. Reduces eczema and acne. Removes streaks from mirrors, improves the conditions of your plants, and it’s safe for babies and pets. These items are moving fast, be sure to grab your bottle today!


45 reviews for Kangen

  1. JaCoya R

    Heaven in a bottle. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Allows me to detamgle my 4B/4C curls with ease and acts as an amazing skin toner and makeup setting spray as ell. My whole house uses it down t the baby.

  2. Joyel

    This Kangan Beauty Water. Is the best keeps my hair and body moisturized. This is a staple in my natural hair journey.

  3. Krystal Kemp

    This water is amazing I surprised at how little I needed it is truly beauty water I have used it to refresh my hair I also use for my skin as a mist it makes it feel soft and smooth

  4. Tovah T.

    I have toddlers that likes to run WILD and so does their hair at times. I take this bottle with us every where we go. I love how it refreshes & rejuvenates their curls.

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thank you Tovah, I’m excited to hear that you take it with you. I do the same!

  5. Jazmyn

    I have used the Kangen water since the summer and it has helped soften up my hair when it got dry. I would definitely buy it again!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Fantastic, thank you for your support.

  6. Crissi Curly

    So this beauty water is heaven sent!!! I love this stuff soooooooo much. I thought that it was just regular water at first. Until it started to de-tangle my hair. The true test was that i had my hair up in a pony tail puff for 5 days and my hair wasn’t matted or anything. I have 4b texture type hair. It gets matted AND TANGLES very quickly and I haven’t found anything that truly detangles my hair without me losing a lot of hair. This keeps my hair moisturized for days. So satisfied by this products. I give it 5 stars. If you have thick hair , try it. It is def a game changer.

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thank you Crissi, I’m happy that I could help.

  7. Ten Thompson

    Don’t Sleep on Kangen Beauty water, It will have your Hair on point! Check out Ms Vee for your bottle you won’t regret it 😊

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thank you, so glad you’re enjoying it.

  8. Dominique Roberson

    Wow! I’m completely sold on this and Hair Fud. It has given my hair life. It’s soft, moisture filled and my hair is hard to please. I’m already sticking up on more!

  9. K.S.

    Thank you for turning my daughter onto your magical water, Kangen Beauty water. She absolutely loves it. She’s telling all her natural bff’s about it as well.

  10. Ramona M.

    Before my 2nd “big chop” I started using Kagen Water. It really helped me keep my hydrated. For me, the more Hair I had, the harder it was to maintain moisture. It does not have the harsh chemicals that can damage your hair or weigh it down.

    The hair balm is also a “must have”! The combination of all natural ingredients is what my hair needed to help seal in moisture. With these products, Veronica has illminated “guess work” out of how keep hair healthy and moisturized. Thank Veronica!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      That’s awesome! Thank you Mona for your continued support.

  11. Alyssa Kelly

    I’ve noticed quit a difference in my hair. Before no matter what I sprayed my hair it felt dry tangled fast. After using the Kangen Water I’ve seen and felt the difference. It’s been much easier to come through my hair, my hair will stay moisturized longer.

  12. Tyona Hernandez

    I absolutely love this product! I wasn’t able to get my hair to untangle at all. A few sprays and i was able to comb through my hair without tugging and pulling

  13. J. Jones

    At first I was a bit skeptic, but after using the Kangen water I’m a firm believer. I used it in my hair, on my face, and as a moisturizer on my hands. This stuff works.

    • naturalgirlpretty

      That’s great Jones, thanks for your feedback.

  14. Amber

    Kangen water helps my hair stay moisturized! I carry it with me when I let my natrual curls be free! I use on my sons hair to pick it out….at 20 months it makes our job easier! Detangles…detangles! Get some! Must have!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Glad you’re enjoying it Amber, thanks for the feedback.

  15. Andrea

    I love this product so happy that I purchased it. It has made a total difference in my curls. I am totally obsessed with this product. And I will say at first I was just like it’s water what’s the big deal. I understand now. This product does what it says is going to do for your hair. And the fact that I am getting ready to go on a trip and I want to take my water with me I’m checking my bag because I want my water. lol. Veronica is always willing to meet me somewhere so I can get my supply so I don’t have to order it online. Thank you for this product can’t wait to try your hair balm.

    • naturalgirlpretty

      That’s great Andrea! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your Kangen beauty water. 🙂

  16. Denesha Broadnax

    Absolutely love this Kangen water!!! I use it for my whole family. It detangles my daughters hair, softens my sons, and keep my husband and mine moisturized. Definitely will be purchasing again!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Glad to hear the whole family is benefiting from the kangen beauty water. 🙂

  17. Nikiyah Crosdale

    I have 4c hair that absorbs everything right away! It’s so hard to keep my hair moisturized, but after using this product for a couple of weeks I noticed my hair keeping its moisture making it easier for me to maintain! I plan on sticking with it!

  18. Cheryl

    Wow! I instantly noticed how it detangled my hair and how soft it was. I will definitely be making future purchases.

  19. Premery1704@gmail.com

    Omg Kangen Water is beautiful!! It detangles my hair without a comb!!! Thank you Kangen Water!!

  20. Reuben

    This works!! softened my daughters hair and is more manageable I really like this prodcut

  21. Candace Battle

    Honestly, I was a little uncertain of how beauty water would impact my hair. Especially, with hair that’s as stubborn as I can be ;). However, I finally tried it and it was awesome! My hair was soft, detangled and it moisture. I was able to wear my curls out all day.

  22. Antonia Martin

    It keeps my hair hydrated and soft! I also love that it bottle makes the water easy to apply! Thanks Vee

  23. Kellen

    I really love the water! It tastes so refreshing and I really enjoy using the beauty on my daughter’s hair. Get you some!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Glad you’re enjoying it, thanks

  24. Carmen Alexander

    I really love using my Kangen Water on my hair. I use it every night and twists my hair in the morning it be so soft and manageable! The best money I ever spent! Thanks natural girl pretty!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thank you Carmen, I’m glad you love it!

  25. Devin Beavers

    I have a daughter that is mixed her mom has no clue what to do with her hair. I came home one day to a tangled mess and frustration from her mom. Trying to fix it I remembered I had the bottle of Kangen water and when i sprayed it on my daughters hair it detangled it so fast and i was able to properly do her hair. I will use this magic water from now on thanks V.

    • naturalgirlpretty

      You’re very welcome Devin, glad to hear it’s working for you.

  26. Erica Johnson

    Kangen Beauty Water is a must! I use it on my toddler’s hair. Her hair is hydrated, soft and manageable! I have just started the natural journey and I can’t wait to use it on my hair!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thanks Erica, I’m glad to hear it’s working for you!

  27. Rosie

    Kangen water is the truth ! It worked wonders for my 4c hair leaving it noticeably soft and moist throughout the whole day .

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thank you Rosie, I’m glad it’s working for your.

  28. PRFKC

    What an amazing product! There are not a lot oh PH balance products on the market that keep the hair hydrated and curls define. As a professional, I incorporate KBW in the salon and I am totally a fan of it! Buy it and then try it!!! Happy Hair Growing 🌱

  29. Rianna M

    This stuff is aca-amazing! My hair has been dry from processing chemicals, and all other types of bad habits. Just by spraying the Kangen water as a refresh has made it shinier AND softer! Don’t sleep on this product.

  30. Janelle

    I absolutely love this Kangen water! It gives my hair life and it stays moisturized. Can’t wait to purchase another.

  31. Aqweela Das Neves

    Love it! It makes my skin & hair feel so soft and amazing. I’m definitely going to need more soon! 😉

  32. Dre W.

    Wow, I was 50/50 with this product at the beginning but after 2-3days when I ran my fingers in my hair it felt smooth and stronger. I have a number of products and this Kangen Beauty Water is at the top of the list.

  33. Demetrius Ewing

    This product is a must!!!!! I have low porosity hair so moisture is a must for me and when I tell you this product does the job. After using the product for a week my hair feels smooth, soft, and stronger. My hair is much fuller and longer now as well. The Kangen Beauty Water is also all natural. This product is amazing

  34. LaToya The CEO

    I use Kangen beauty water in my salon as a refresher and to help detangle kinks, curls and locs. The water is a perfect balance of moisture and hydration. I Love it!

  35. Tye

    I love KangenBeautyWater! Less harsh than WATER. Literally the best for natural hair! Seemed easier to detangle extra coily hair as well! I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 7 years and have never used any product like it! Keep this up Pretty! The world needs this!

  36. Brittney Jae

    I love love love the Kangen beauty water! It keeps my beautiful natural hair moisturized and pliable. It makes it easier to detangle after a worn out twist out. I recommend that everyone use it.

  37. Solace

    Kangen water is one of the best products ever made not even exaggerating. There is a certain amount of moisture that is required for hair to grow and stay healthy at the same time. I am from Boston, ma I now live in Las Vegas! The climate change has effected my hair in a huge way not in a good way either. I had the opportunity to meet Veronica at the Las Vegas Natural Expo and she introduced me to this life saver! Get yours now thank you Curlfriend lets continue go thrive with good hair everywhere!!!

  38. Jae

    Kangen Beauty Water is a great product for detangling and moisturizing my hair, I’m loving how it makes my hair feel. Thanks for the great and prompt service. I will definitely keep buying this product.

  39. Lynn M

    Makes my hair soft and manageable. Loving it!

  40. Shantrice

    I just want to say the Kangen water is everything Veronica promised it would be! I have used it on my hair and my daughters hair and it gently detangles our hair easily and makes it so manageable when we use very little. Now I can’t do a wash day without it! I recommend this to women of all hair textures, it’s great for the hair.

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thank you Shantrice, I’m so glad it worked for the both of you!

  41. Mike P

    Tried Kangan Beauty Water for the first time recently for my beard, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Did a great job detangling and adding moisturizer that lasted throughout the day…Thank you!!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      You’re very welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  42. G Lee

    My hair used to be so crazy and tangled— now, it lays down and you can see actual curls instead of matted strands. Beautiful!

    • naturalgirlpretty

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  43. Jay

    Kangen Beauty water made my hair easy to untangle and comb through without losing hair. You will see a difference with the first couple spray my hair went from dry to soft within minutes after spraying it. This product does what it says is going to do for your hair and I would recommend it to anybody who is seeking softer, smoother and healthier hair.

  44. Jarrett

    I admittedly was a skeptic, but after using the Kangen Beauty water for a few months, it has become a necessity in my beard kit. It has an immediate and noticeable effect on my beard. After a few sprays , my beard feels soft, manageable, and looks shiny!

  45. Kayla

    My friend Crissi Curly used this product on my daughters hair and it detangled and she combed through her hair and she wasn’t screaming or anything . I’m going to order some soon . Loving this sample product.

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