Curl Coaching Session

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Still struggling with your natural hair? Let me help you take the guess work out of caring for your curls.

Book a 1 hour curl coaching session that includes:

  • Natural Hair Needs Assessment
  • Customized DIY Products Made In Your Home
  • Customized 30 Day Hair Care Plan
  • Follow Up Progress Call







6 reviews for Curl Coaching Session

  1. Phillon “Penny” Lovelace

    I have had several CCS with Vee. It is great to know someone who has personally researched this and can honestly assist you with your specific hair care questions, just for you!

    Going from relaxed to natural was a bit scary for me, due to uncertainty of how to maintain it. Vee has eased my transition, tremendously.

    I would highly reccomend her to anyone.

    • naturalgirlpretty

      I’m glad I could help. 🙂

  2. Janelle

    My consultation was very eye opening about the products I use. It’s obvious she takes time for instruction, which is very important to me. The Kengan Water is AWESOME. I’m so excited for this journey. Thanks Curlfriend.

  3. Cheryl Burt

    Very informative . Learning of the importance of PH balance was interesting The importance if selecting the right product and proper regimen to achieve your desired results.

  4. Dr. Nika B

    I was in need of some direction after transitioning to a natural state of being and was referred to Vee for help. I made contact with her and was glad that she was able to fit me in her schedule . She was very prompt, bubbly, and very very informative. The progress my hair has been making throughout this natural hair journey is coming along fabulously thanks to Vee.❤️

  5. Nita

    The last time I relaxed my hair was in 1993. So this journey has been long. Lately I have been experiencing extremely. dry hair and breakage. My CCS with Vee has helped me to embrace my hair again.

  6. Erica McCoy

    I recently had a curl session with Veronica. I learned so much and am eager to start new hair practices. Veronica educated me on my hair products, and helped me to understand why I wasn’t as satisfied as I wanted to be when using them. As a result I have now learned how to better care for my hair. Thanks Vee!

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